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No Doc Refinance Loans – We are most popular loan refinancing company. We can help you to save your money and time when refinancing your mortgage or buying a home.

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unique home loans. finance One now offers unique loan programs like stated income home loans (stated Income Loans limited to CA, GA, NJ, NY, MA, TX, PA.other states case by case), no doc loans, foreign national loans, high ratio loans, etc.

The no doc mortgage lenders would be the first to tell you that these loans were in some cases elevated risk, and many borrowers got these no doc home loans and had trouble paying on them. Today, loans with no income documentation are still available in a limited fashion.

The Rise and Fall of No-Doc / Low-Doc Loans During the housing boom of the early to mid 2000s, a borrower could qualify for a mortgage loan with little to no documentation. Most lenders, for example, offered stated-income loans that allowed borrowers to verbally declare their earnings and income.

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No-Doc Loans are the perfect option for borrowers looking to avoid income documentation or verification when purchasing or refinancing a residential investment property. Best of all, these loans come with a 30-year term.

Seller Pays Down Payment Loan Without A Job  · A personal loan can be a great way to consolidate credit card debt or finance large purchases with a predicable monthly payment.But with interest rates ranging from single digits all the way up to 30 percent or more, you don’t want to tarnish your credit score applying for multiple loans only to discover you’re not qualified for an affordable rate.

The rest is up to the lender. No Doc loans require the least documentation and are for buyers with good credit. The buyer provides minimal information (usually social security number and general property information) and the lender does the rest. No Doc home loans are great for people who want maximum privacy.

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Va Seasoning Requirements A borrower who hasn’t made many house payments on the original loan may be required to wait out a "seasoning period" before applying for a refinancing loan.. VA cash out refinancing VA home loan requirements VA mortgage loan VA news VA. it is always recommended to consult the.

No Documentation Home Equity Lines/Loans. Is limited documentation (aka EZ doc, no income qualifier) available on . Yes, it is possible to get a second mortgage without documenting your income. Most lenders will require that you have approximately 20% equity in your property (after closing on the second mortgage) and the rate typically will.