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“This might take the form of either seeing yourself or a loved one no longer doing the things they used to do or enjoy.

Calculate the amount of time between two dates. Date Duration Calculator Calculate the amount of time between two dates

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1) Your relationship’s score for predicted longevity and how that compares to other relationships’ 2) Given the number of years you have already been in the relationship, how much longer the relationship could last 3) Specifically, the chances that the relationship will last another 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

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The Love Calculator. (or the Relationship Calculator). This calculator is based on a fun article which appeared on MSN, written by Rachel Burge: "New ‘love formula’ reveals lover number five could be The One". Ms. Burge presents the theoretical underpinnings of love compatibility, and breaks down human monogamous tendencies to science (or at least a survey), by marrying big data and.

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The relationship calculator might be taken down. It is just a for fun feature being used as part of this photos beta. When multiple relationships apply it chooses a random one and may display a different relationship each time or appear in the wrong gender form such as calling an aunt and uncle.

One’s birth date also includes one of the twelve months of the year. These can also influence how the two persons in the relationship will get along. The year in which the partners are born determines the age difference. Recent studies decided that the ideal age gap between two partners is of four years and four months.