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As a general rule, the easiest and most effective collection methods to collect a small claims judgment include: Getting the debtor to pay voluntarily. Garnishing wages. Seizing money from bank accounts or safe-deposit boxes. Filing a lien (legal claim) against real estate. Two more techniques are a little more complicated, but can also pay off:

Unclaimed insurance funds are owed to certain current and former policyholders or their beneficiaries. The money is owed to individuals whom we have been unable to locate in order to make payment. The Insurance policies involved are/were under the following programs:

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Before submitting a claim for unpaid wages, you may want to inform your employer about the Texas. QUIT CLAIM DEED TEXAS. A Quit Claim Deed is one of the most common methods to transfer title to real estate property.. A quit claim deed is also known as a Quick Claim Deed, Quick Deed or, simply, Quitclaim. When used appropriately, quitclaims.

CHECK CLAIM STATUS. Enter your claim ID to see the status of a claim you have submitted to Texas Unclaimed Property: claim id: search. unclaimed property search for Unclaimed Property Check the Status of a claim upload claim Documentation How to Claim Property.

To claim your Mega millions lottery prize you need to contact either the head office or one of the regional offices. Information on Mega Millions offices where you can.

How Long does it take to receive my unclaimed property? Texas unclaimed money includes assets of financial value, such as savings accounts, liquid cash, tax refunds, social security payments, and investments with no living or available owner. When people pass away, they don’t always have wills outlining distribution of assets.

Prizes of $1 to $2,500,000 may be claimed at a local lottery claim center using a Texas Lottery claim form. Prizes over $2,500,000, all Lotto Texas , Powerball , and Mega Millions jackpot/top prizes, and all prizes that are paid out in annuity payments must be claimed at the Texas Lottery Commission Headquarters in Austin.